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1 Tell Us About Your Health Concerns
Let us match you to personalized solutions that can give you the relief or results you need. Complete your free, HIPAA-secure Health Profile to share details about your current health status, insurance information, and lifestyle. It only takes about 2 minutes to complete your Health Profile and our care team will review your details to start the consultation process.
2 Start Your On Demand Consultation
You’ll speak to a Health Advocate about your health concerns and a licensed nurse to start your consultation. You may be connected to a U.S. board-certified doctor licensed in your state to complete an on demand consultation via phone or video call.
We make it easy to connect with licensed and credentialed medical professionals using your phone, tablet or a desktop computer.
3 Access Your Personalized Solution
Start feeling better with a customized solution recommended by medical professionals. Our medical team will review your health information and match you to one or more treatment options to help you get the relief or results you need. Your personalized solution may include prescription medication*, over the counter products, and other recommendations.
You’ll also have access to:
  • Trusted advice from HealthRight licensed nurses 24/7
  • On demand prescription assistance
  • Second opinion doctor consultations
  • One-on-one coaching programs
  • Unlimited medical advice from our network of doctors via emai
  • …and more

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Conditions We Treat


Chronic Pain


Asthma &


Cold & Flu


Urinary TractInfection (UTI)


Sinus Infection


Acne & Skin Conditions


Birth Control


Acid Reflux


Erectile Dysfunction


Hair Loss


Obesity & Weight Loss


And More...